Ajit Nazre’s Education Profile

Ajit Nazre

Ajit Nazre

Ajit Nazre’s education –

  • HARVARD UNIVERSITY Boston, MA 1997 – 1998
  • MBA, June 1998. Created and organized WesTrek as an active member of the Venture Capital Principal Investment Club.
  • Captain of the Harvard cricket team.
  • Vice President, Corporate Communications for the Health Industry Club.
  • TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF HANOVER Hanover, Germany -1988 – 1991
  • Ph.D. in Biomechanics. Thesis topic: “Optimization of a prosthesis for above-knee amputees”.
  • Exchange scholar (similar to Fulbright scholar) of the German Academic Exchange Service 1988-1990. GPA 4.0
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. GPA 3.9.1982 – 1986 College of Engineering Pune Pune, India
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in German literature.
  • Received gold medal in 1986. National Merit Scholar 1982-86 Ranked first in the University.

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