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Aniruddha Nazare is an entrepreneur and investor. Aniruddha Nazre is living in Sunnyvale, California. Aniruddha Nazare was working at Kleiner Perkins Cofield & Byers (KPCB). Aniruddha Nazre Also worked with Zimmer, Inc, SAPmarkets, Cavendish Kinetics, And glō-USA.

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Intermediaries to enhance trust in the Sharing Economy- Aniruddha Nazre

Is there a role for Intermediaries to enhance trust in the Sharing Economy?

Trust is the social lubricant that enables collaborative consumption marketplaces and the sharing economy to function without friction. Sharing saves people time, money and aggravation but trust is what allows someone to take a ride from a stranger or rent a room in a house from someone they’ve never met. Yet it’s also one of the biggest concerns of using sharing economy services.

Aniruddha Nazre focused on investments in enterprise software, new materials, and cleantech.

Aniruddha Nazre made 19 investments with 11 exits. He led KPCB’s India investment initiative and also made 4 investments in Europe. Some of his successful exits at KPCB included LuxVue (acquired by Apple), 3DV (acquired by MSFT), Virsa (acquired by SAP), Vertica (acquired by HP) and Info Edge (IPO in 2006). Prior to KPCB, he worked at SAP from 1998 to 2003.


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Aniruddha Nazre – CSO and EVP Digital Media Services Reliance Industries Pvt Ltd.

Before SAP, Aniruddha Nazre worked for six years in the medical equipment industry, first in Zimmer, Inc., Bristol Myers and a division of Squib and then in Mathis AG (Synthes) in Switzerland. During this time, he managed to develop many new product lines and received 7 American and four European patents.

Originally from Pune, Aniruddha Nazre  had his schooling at St. Vincent’s High School, and then graduated from COEP in Mechanical Engineering with BE in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, where  Aniruddha  Nazre University was the gold medalist. After completing MS degree in Biomechanics from Michigan Technological University, he completed his doctoral degree in biomechanics from Hanover Medical Center in Germany. After years of working in engineering, product management and business development, he completed an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Some remarkable investments made during his tenure in KPCB include Clarotrip, Job, Maphi India, InMobi, Veersa and Luxewoo in Aniruddha Nazre, 11 investments during the 9 years of KPCB Aniruddha Nazre, 11 out of which investment is liquid.

From 1991 to 1995,   Aniruddha  Nazre worked as a development engineer in Zimmer, Inc. and monitored the introduction of three new product lines in two years. In Mathis AG (synthesis) in Switzerland, Aniruddha Nazre was the group manager for Business Development and Product Management from 1995 to 1997. They have seven United States and four European patents and have published and submitted more than 15 articles in peer-review magazines and conferences.  Aniruddha  Nazre  has been done PhD from Hanover, BioMenics from Germany’s Technical University, MBA from Harvard Business School in Mechanical Engineering, MS Engineering Tech from MS Michigan Tech, and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. College of Engineering, Pune.

Aniruddha Nazre at the Research Gate

Evolvement Of Cleantech As An Investment – Aniruddha Nazre

We really believe that cleantech is the single biggest investment opportunity of the 21st century. As far as market size is concerned, if you add up energy and transport sector, that’s $6 trillion worldwide. That is massive; it dwarfs sectors like IT. But that does not mean you will have hundreds of companies with billion dollar market caps immediately. The risks and hurdles are also big. The biggest hurdle is obviously that you need more capital.

There are several factors why I think cleantech is such an interesting investment opportunity. Firstly, there is a consensus in the world that climate change needs to be addressed. The debate may be around what is causing climate change, but everybody agrees that there will be a change, signs are there. Addressing that is a motivating factor which is driving investments into the sector.

The second is global policy. The tailwinds are very strong towards a carbon pricing system globally. If you look at what happened in Kyoto versus what is likely to happen in Copenhagen, there is far more possibility that something globally is going to get passed that will price carbon. This will be a very positive policy change towards cleantech.

The third is volatile fossil fuel prices. The world had seen oil prices jump to $148-150 per barrel last year, and it was $35 three months ago, and now it has doubled to $70 per barrel. That volatility is something that people have realised we cannot deal with, and we need to have some stability.

There are two factors, which are technology driven, which I think are causing a lot of innovation and investment opportunities in the space. There are advances in material sciences which are enabling innovations of magnitude that would not have been possible 10 years ago, definitely not 20-30 years ago.

The reason I bring this up is because in 1970s too there was a cleantech revolution. Oil prices had peaked at that time, and there was a lot of funding for innovation. But as soon as oil prices came back down, every thing went away. I think that is not the case today, because other factors are there, and innovation capability is far superior.

Simply speaking if you want to have a photovoltaic cell with high efficiency or a better battery, new materials are enabling it. We are not just constrained with a periodic table, we can engineer new materials.

Second, thanks to Moore’s law, the computing capability we have can simulate systems. Giving an example, if you want to build a car or an airplane today, it takes much less time and dollars. You can simulate most of the systems and test them. Earlier you had to build and then test them, which takes a lot more time and money. You can effect changes with much less capital, which also holds true for cleantech innovation.

More information @ http://www.vccircle.com/news/cleantech/2009/07/21/cleantech-biggest-investment-opportunity-century-ajit-nazre

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Aniruddha Nazre on ResearchGate

5 Tech Trends By Aniruddha Nazre



Are these 5 tech trends in programming going to help or hurt the Indian IT Services industry ?

  1. Key aspects of software development, e.g. manage, develop, build, test and deploy are undergoing massive transformation and making development cheaper, faster, and more secure.
    • Cloud based integrated development environment companies are providing developers with an advantage of writing code in an easier, faster and simpler fashion.
    • Amount of new code written is reduced by more design driven development, auto code completion, code repositories, code plug ins, widgets,  and continuous agile development.
    • Automated test tools and services in the cloud are making it ever easier to test code before deployment.
    • Cloud security and identity services have made it easier for enterprise applications to work on public, private or hybrid cloud environments.
  2. A new class of Reactive Applications is becoming more and more prevalent in both Consumer and Enterprise-facing environments. Reactive Applications are distinguished by having one or more of the following defining traits:
    • Resilient: The ability to recover and repair itself automatically in order to provide seamless business continuity.
    • Interactive: Rich, engaging, single page user interfaces that provide instant feedback based on user interactions and other stimuli.
    • Scalable: Can scale within and across nodes elastically to provide compute power on-demand when it’s needed.
    • Event-Driven: Enables parallel, asynchronous processing of messages or events with ease.
  3. Integration of applications to external data sources and other applications is becoming ever easier because of open APIs.
  4. Rapid increase in mobile development has impacted the prevalent programming languages. User base of objective C and Python have grown whereas that for Java and C++ has eroded.
  5. Consumerization of programming with services such as IFTT is reducing the need for specialized skill set. Pre-developed toolkits will enable anyone to be a developer.

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List Of Aniruddha Nazre Patents

Following are the patents of Ajit Nazre

1. Suture Anchor

United States EP0686373

Issued December1995

2. Bioabsorbable suture anchor: Orthopaedic Implant with bearing surface

United States EP0761242

Issue d August 19, 1996

3. Adjustable connector for external fixation rods

United States US5405347

Issue d April 1995

4.Surgical parallel drill guide

United States D354810

IssuedJanuary 1995

5.Adjustable connector for external fixation

United States EP0611007

Issued August 1994

6.Adjustable connector for external fixation

United States EP0717968

Issued June 1996

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Ajit Nazre’s Statement on 3DV Systems

3DV Systems

                           3DV Systems

3DV Systems’ breakthrough video imaging technology enables cameras to capture objects in 3D, making virtual reality more real than ever. The company’s innovative man-machine interface enables users to control personal space through intuitive body gestures.

Ajit Nazre told,”We are in constant search of visionaries who create disruptive technologies to address large unserved market opportunities. 3DV is such an opportunity that we have been excited to invest in – their breakthrough technology can be applied to a broad range of fields, from human computer interfaces to security to automob”.

Adjustable Connector For External Fixation Rods – Patent By Ajit Nazre



The adjustable connector for external fixation rods invention provides for the angular and lateral adjustment of a pair of fixator rods in an infinite number of planes.This invention is patented by Ajit Nazre. The angular adjustment member may be rotated about a center axis of the connector such that the connected fixator rods may be angled relative to one another in any plane called for. Similarly, the lateral adjustment may be rotated about the center axis of the connector such that the two fixator rods may be shifted laterally relative to one another in any direction.

The adjustable connector provides for the adjustment of the fixator rods after the rods have been connected to the bone pins. Therefore, after a surgeon has reduced and stabilized the fracture, minor adjustments can be carried out to fully align the bone fragments without disconnecting the fixator rods or the bone pins. After all adjustments have been made, a series of locking bolts or pins can be engaged to hold the adjustable connector in a fixed position.

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Ajit Nazre Publications



Following are the publications of Ajit Nazre

Clinical and Laboratory Performance of Bone Plates, Issue 1217, Edited by J. Paul Harvey, Robert F. Games

Nazre, A and Lin, S STP1217: Theoretical Strength Comparison of Bioabsorbable (PLLA) Plates and Conventional Stainless Steel and Titanium Plates Used in Internal Fracture Fixation.

Pages: Published: Jan 1994

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A computerized technique for analyzing lateral bending behavior of subjects with normal and impaired lumbar spine.A pilot study.

Jayaraman G, Nazre, A, McCann V, Redford, JB

Spine (Phila PA 1976), 1994 April 1:19(7), Pages 824-32

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Joint moments in minor limb length discrepancy: a pilot study.

Goel A, Loudon J, Nazare A, Rondinelli R, Hassanein K. American Journal of Orthopedics (Belle Mead NJ), 1997 Dec: 26(12), Pages 852-6

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Thin-film thermoplastic-metal joining process for titanium to poly (etherketoneetherketoneketone)

KarthikRamani, John Tagle, Ajit Nazre, Dale Swarts and Steve Lin Polymer Engineering & Science, Volume 35, Issue 24, pages 1972-78, December 1995

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